Praveen Kumar Singh

Praveen Kumar Singh

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34 years

10 years of leadership experience in Operations (Production Scheduling, Material Requirement Planning, Process Improvement, Production Planning, Strategic Planning, Cost Estimation) and Supply Chain Management (Inventory Management, Warehouse/Stores Management & Logistics).

  • Manufacturing

... Functional Expertise

  • Operations

... Committee

  • ExPGDM Investment Fund Committee

... Achievements

  • Executive Member-Investment Cell, ExPGDM, XLRI Jamshedpur. 
  • Received the award for highest production, given by MD TRF Limited.
  • Received highest marks in school in the 12th class, from ICSE Board. 

... Certifications

  • Completed MDP at XLRI in 2012, sponsored by TRF Ltd.

Work Experience | 119 months

... Career Highlights

Assistant Divisional Manager - TRF Ltd.

Supply Chain Management 

  • Proven track record - received fast-tracked promotions & 3 awards by the MD of the company throughout my professional experience.
  • Introduced zero-based costing for critical products of forging and casting, with a consumption of about Rs. 15 Cr/year, and reduced average cycle time of Purchase Requisitions to Purchase Orders by 10%. 
  • Introduced KPIs for evaluation of vendor performance. Monitoring of Critical Vendors performance in terms of quality & delivery. Prepared monthly budget of around Rs. 4 Cr per month as per material requirement planning and account payables. 
  • Led a Cross Functional Team to reduce RM inventory by 18% in a year by introducing ABC and Pareto Analysis.

Planning and Manufacturing

  • Prepared the balanced scorecard with the objective to increase the turnover, Gross profit margin by 10% & improve delivery compliance to 75% from 65%. Worked on risk mitigation related to manufacturing. 
  • Led a team of 6+ members to plan the manufacturing as per Customer demand. Created framework for decision making on basis of repair cost. 
  • Worked a team as line manager of a section with manpower >60 people. Increased production by >40% by applying TOC and OEE on critical path. Reduced the rejection rate by 5% with the help of Taguchi’s Principle & Quality Control Charts.