Peeyush V V

Peeyush V V

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30 years

A management professional and educator with experience in Program Delivery, Stakeholder Management, Learning & Development, People Management and Audits in the Education and Energy Consulting sectors.

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  • Managed Music Basti’s transition from a classroom-based program to a virtual program within 2 months, during the pandemic.
  • Music Basti, Pune was recognized as a successful pilot, enabling expansion to Bangalore and Mumbai.

Work Experience | 96 months

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Engineer - Confederation of Indian Industry

  • Conducted 30 Energy Audits across diverse sectors including Cement, Power, Steel, Engineering, Automobile and Buildings.
  • Conducted Monitoring studies at 20+ SME units, in an initiative by SIDBI to promote energy efficiency in MSMEs across 5 Clusters.
  • Measured and analyzed client processes and energy usage in Thermal and Utility areas to provide Energy Efficiency improvement solutions.
  • Led teams in planning, coordination and execution of Energy Audits in Captive Power Plants.
  • Coordinated design and publication of supplier directories and benchmarking reports. 

Fellow - Teach for India

  • Class Teacher to 35 students in a low-income private school in Hyderabad.
  • Achieved 1.3 year growth in Reading Comprehension levels in academic year 2017-18.
  • Identified and worked on areas of improvement in behavioral traits for children through counseling, reflection and parental support in resolving issues.
  • Built parental investment through monthly conversations and visits, discussions relating to children’s strengths and performance.

Program Manager - Enabling Leadership

  • Piloted and managed Music Basti in 6 under-resourced schools in Pune and scaled to 8 schools with 200 students.
  • Recruited, trained and coached 12 teachers in context, pedagogy, classroom practices and planning.
  • Built Stakeholder investment in the program through orientation sessions and conversations with parents & schools.
  • Planned and organized annual public concerts to showcase program quality.