Nishant Raj

Nishant Raj

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28 years

Operations management professional with 5 years of work experience in asset optimisation, production planning, process audit, vendor management, quality concept, training and development.

  • Steel & Mining

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  • Operations

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  • Branding Committee

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  • Certificate of appreciation for exemplary performance in sustaining and excelling practices of “FMEA”.
  • Won Excellence and Gold medal award at National and Chapter Convention on Quality Concept.
  • Received VIT Achiever’s award for exemplary performance at national event.

... Certifications

  • Overview of Industry 4.0 certification from TATA Steel.

Work Experience | 60 months

... Career Highlights

Assistant Manager - Vedanta Ltd.
Process Automation

  • Saved 36 Lakhs in one month by reducing TAT of coal rake unloading through automation and process optimisation.
  • Reduce wastage of excess compressed air in the system by automation of flow feedback of compressed airflow.
  • Eliminated bottlenecking in coal conveying process, reduce downtime of conveyors through the installation of zero speed switch.


  • Energy conservation saved INR 2.29 crore by reducing auxiliary power consumption of compressor by 20 MW/day through an inhouse design change. 
  • Water conservation, framed management objective for ISO 9000:1 and EMS 14000:1 and saved 20 m^3 water/day. 

Asset Optimisation and Business excellence

  • Implemented cost saving strategies in the project through resource mapping, efficient planning, and design with operations modules like QC, Kaizen, 5S, and CAPA.
  • Responsible for “Failure Mode and Effective Analysis” and “RCA” of equipment and processes.
  • Identified areas of obstruction/breakdowns and take steps to rectify the equipment through corrective maintenance, proactive maintenance, and breakdown maintenance.

Operations and Maintenance

  • Reduce downtime and Increase average availability up to 98% of 70+ equipment for 0.57 MT capacity aluminium plant. 
  • Led team of 600 contract workers to manage inbound logistics of coal in 2000 MW power plant.
  • Achieved zero injury by maintaining a safe workplace under the Vedanta sustainability assurance program, imparted 100+ 5 mins talk on safety, processes, behavior, incident learning, and hazards.
  • Led team, top 5 among 50+ department, awarded for 5S concept and workplace management.