Aman Bhalla

Aman Bhalla

27 years

Management professional with 5 years of diversified experience in vendor development, audits, business strategy, project and product management, process improvements, operations and planning, with explored techno-commercial areas in Automotive Industry.

  • Automotive
  • ...

... Functional Expertise

  • Operations
  • Strategy

... Education

  • B.E.(Hons.) (Mechanical Engineering), BITS Pilani.

... Achievements

  • Awarded “Outstanding Performer” by TATA Motos for achieving accrual cost reduction of 4.5 Cr in FY18-19.
  • Scored “Expectations Exceeded” as highest individual performance rating indicator in FY16-17.

... Certifications

  • Lead Auditor for Manufacturing Site Assessments (TATA Motors).
  • SILVER Badge Practitioner for TATA Business Excellence Model (TBExG). 

Work Experience | 56 months

  • 56 Total Months
  • 56 TATA Motors Limited

... Career Highlights

Vendor & Product Development 

  • Spearheaded new product launches in commercial business & involved in Hybrid Electric Buses, defense (TATA Storme) for GOI.
  • Developed 47 vendors pan India following quality process evaluation & periodic audits.
  • Successfully delivered BSIV to BSVI migration launches of trucks, buses & utility vehicles (TATA Hexa) on fast-track.
  • Planned, developed & manufactured new range of axles for e-commerce & army combat vehicles. 

Business Strategy

  • Achieved accrual cost reduction 4.5 Cr leading VAVE initiatives using GEAR methodology (Generate Idea, Evaluate, Actualize & Realize).
  • Increased production efficiency by 50% through strategic build of localized vendors & offloading axle manufacturing from Jamshedpur to Pune.
  • Integrated leadership, directional strategy & operational decisions.

Project Management

  • Launched Xenon & Ultra series commercial vehicles within target deliverables-Timelines, Quality, Adherence to Process Excellence & Performance.
  • Provided firm support to supply chain management for alternate vendor development alongside conceptualized BSVI projects.
  • Led & organized key stakeholder meetings with CFT. Improved team dynamics & enhanced performance tracking. 

Operations & Process Improvements

  • Delivered projects in compliance with sales & marketing demand forecasts through run-at-rate calculations and periodic capacity mapping.
  • Improved designs & processes with the help of ideas captured through BITS (Built issue tracking system).
  • Monitored Quality Assurance in terms of metrology, metallurgy, and process compliance.
  • Solved production line quality issues using problem-solving approach like 8-D & why-why analysis.
  • Prioritized & resolved customer complaint issues providing revitalized & immediate development support.