Deepti Pateriya

Deepti Pateriya

26 years

Technical product management professional with 5 years of experience in the development, maintenance and support of customer facing products for fleet management clients.

  • IT & ITES
  • ...

... Functional Expertise

  • Consulting

... Education

  • B.E. (Electrical & Electronics), Oriental Institute of Science & Technology, Bhopal.

... Achievements

  • Received 5 “On the Spot Award” for completing the CI/CD set up in the project.
  • Received 3 “Star Team Award” for being an innovative Team.  
  • Awarded RGPV Chancellor’s Scholarship for being Top 3 Best Academic Students in 295 colleges affiliated by RGPV.

... Certifications

  • Excel Skills for Business: Essentials , Coursera.

Work Experience | 61 months

  • 61 Total Months
  • 61 Tata Consultancy Services

... Career Highlights


  • Led and managed DevOps team of 3 members for a vehicle fleet management company portal (Element Fleet) based in U.S. and successfully met Service Level Agreements.
  • Collaborated with SMEs, Project Manager, and Business Heads of various divisions in client business regularly during the implementation process. 
  • Responsible for taking a strong decision during production deployment of whether to proceed with the deployment in a critical situation by considering all aspects.

Product Management

  • Ensured timely Technology up-gradation of the DevOps toolchain managing a wide set of stakeholders.
  • Implemented automated code Gating criteria for deployments ensuring reduction in technical debt and cleaner codes.
  • Performed the technology up-gradation and management for Element Fleet using microservices-based architecture, resulting in enhanced user experience.

Process Improvement

  • Spearheaded the initiative to reduce the patching time across servers and databases for Infra Team and was successfully implemented by consuming less time compared to previously.
  • Proposed DevOps tool solutions to client management, leading to enhancement of toolchain.
  • Promoted DevOps toolchain for the other engineering clients, and resulted in a better quality of the applications.

Operations Management

  • Hosted daily team meetings internally to address professional issues.
  • Created efficient trackers for channelizing daily activity to boost productivity.
  • Conducted interviews to hire new associates in the project.