Chaduvula Sravana Kumar

Chaduvula Sravana Kumar

27 years

An IT service manager of globally diverse environments and with proven possession of pivotal skills such as delegation, leadership, conflict-resolution, strategic planning, service-enhancement orientation, and effective presentation skills.

  • IT & ITES
  • ...

... Functional Expertise

  • Operations
  • Strategy

... Education

  • B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering), AITAM, JNTU Kakinada.

... Achievements

  • “Raising star of 2015” for the enhancements in Network Change & Capacity managements. 
  • The best poster presentation and the third-best paper presentation awards in national level technical symposia in AITAM & IIT Bhuvaneswar.  

... Certifications

  • ITIL Intermediate certificate in Service Operations. 

Work Experience | 69 months

  • 69 Total Months
  • 69 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

... Career Highlights

Strategy & Planning

  • Facilitated Release & Deployment managements of more than 10 critical applications with more than 95% success rate.
  • Propounded and executed Service Improvement Plans to Network Change Management and attained 55% reduction in the process-delay and 40% more productivity.
  • Analyzed the bandwidth utilization of approximately 500 network links and proposed upgrades/downgrades which led to efficient expenses dynamically.

Conflict resolution

  • Attained a 40 % reduction in process-related gaps and a 95% success rate in Change management, through Post Implementation Reviews of the unsuccessful changes.
  • Proposed and implemented Service Improvement Plans in Change Management and enhanced the process-compliance by at least 30%.
  • Achieved at least 30% reduction in the network change-implementation conflicts & 80% less manual intervention in documentation.

Leadership & People Management

  • Backup lead of the enterprise change management of an American internet service provider with more than 80 offshore and 100 on-site associates.
  • Single-handedly, managed the network change management of the global network team with more than 80 associates of a marketing research company.    


  • Effectively chaired the Change Advisory Board meetings for more than 120 changes every month from more than 180 associates of different teams.
  • Single-handedly, represented global network team (for more than 250 changes every month from 80 associates) of a global marketing research company. 
  • Hosted project level and segment level town-halls addressing more than 500 associates, global leaders and clients.
  • A freelancing emcee of both formal events such as town-halls and informal events such as cultural nights.