Shrishti Priya

Shrishti Priya

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26 years

5 years of experience on SaaS customer-experience-management (CXM) platform having diverse backgrounds in Business Development, Product Automation and User Management.

  • IT / ITeS

... Functional Expertise

  • Research & Development

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... Achievements

  • Quarterly award for deploying primary user interface themed as Hyperspace, along with a special appreciation by Chief Technology Officer.
  • Joined as Software Engineer-I in July 2016,promoted to Software Engineer-II(April 2019), fast track promoted to Senior Software Engineer(April 2020).
  • University Rank Holder (Rank 5) in VTU Exams(2015-2016). 

Work Experience | 58 months

... Career Highlights

Senior Software Development Engineer – Sprinklr

Business Development

  • Assisted in Conversational Commerce for bot-driven shopping experience by integrating Facebook bot APIs bringing a deal of $650K.
  • Implemented Twitter firehose Integration to deliver real-time tweets achieving negligible latency for 2821 partners.
  • LinkedIn webhook integration into Engagement module for facilitating real-time event streams shrinking delays to 0.
  • Integration of Instagram Direct Message APIs reducing resolution times from 15-20 minutes to 0 for billions of active users.
  • Curated AI-Powered Smart Engagement Dashboards for structured data accessibility.
  • Part of several Forrester Social Wave demonstrations where Sprinklr emerged as a leader.

Technical Expertise 

  • Maintained end-to-end quality of CXM Modern Engagement Product-core product with an ARR of above $150m and growth of above 10% annually.
  • Built and maintained automation tests(300+) for modern channel endpoints from scratch using RestAssured APIs and TestNG.
  • Wrote functional and smoke test cases (200+) on Cucumber to reduce manual checks by almost 80% during release sign-off. 
  • LinkedIn RESTAPI automation to prevent disruption in receiving notifications by the clients.
  • Performed system-level regressions resulting in reduced non-conformance. 

Interpersonal Skills 

  • Assisted Product Management team with providing Partner-level data by querying SQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch.
  • Conducted sessions with Product Managers to attain improved platform adoption and managing product lifecycle.
  • Configured target metrics with success teams for improvised client business reporting.