Tushar Iyengar

Tushar Iyengar

30 years

A well-round professional with over six years of work experience in Leadership, Operations, Cargo Handling & Operations, Project Management, Safety Management, Environmental Management & Compliance, Risk & Crisis Management.

  • Maritime Industry
  • ...

... Functional Expertise

  • Human Resources
  • Operations

... Education

  • B.E (Marine Technology), AMET University, AMET University.

... Achievements

  • Entire team received a commendation from Maritime and Port Authority, Singapore, for rescuing 239 refugees off the Libyan coast in April 2015.
  • Successfully completed a Navigation Excellence Campaign in July 2015.

... Certifications

  • Holder of Certificate of Competency to serve as a First Mate of a Foreign Going Merchant Ship 500 Gross Tonnage or above, issued by Government of India.
  • Received Certificate of Training in Bridge Team Management.
  • Received Certification for completing Vessel Resource Management Training Course.
  • Received Certificate of Training in Environmental Management & Compliance.

Work Experience | 77 months

  • 77 Total Months
  • 77 Maersk Tankers A/S
  • 32 International

... Career Highlights

Leadership & Operations

  • Headed the overall navigation of 5 ships covering routes worldwide.
  • Led multicultural team, for smooth navigation, ensured all Navigational duties carried out safely.
  • Ensured cost optimized cargo routes for 100+ passages carrying petroleum products (average worth ~ 20 million USD) by large oil product tankers (~1 lakh tonnes).

Cargo Handling and Operations

  • Handled cargo operations across ports around the globe for loading/ unloading of oil products.
  • Maintained steady flow of customer orders & commercial profitability by ensuring successful vetting operations by oil majors such as Shell, Chevron, BP.
  • Optimized cargo operations by considering technical parameters, port constraints and safety parameters for critical oil products.

Project Management

  • Headed overhauling project of Navigation equipments during docking at Sharjah, to ensure compliance with the appropriate requirements.
  • Led a team of 7+ members and coordinated with multiple stakeholders.

Risk and Crisis Management

  • Rescued 239 refugees off the Libyan Coast; Quickly mobilized resources for the rescue operation by coordination with Italian coast guard as a part of 20+ rescue team.
  • Managed multiple risk and crisis situations such as failure of Navigational Equipment; Prepared risk analysis, assessments & Mitigation plans.