Mohit Kumar

Mohit Kumar

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31 years

Software Professional and Team Leader with diverse experience in IT domain. 4.5 years of International Experience serving multiple clients globally. Certified Data Scientist & Business Analyst. 

  • IT / ITeS

... Functional Expertise

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... Achievements

  • Worked independently with full ownership for 3+ years in U.K., helping in retaining contract for another tenure. 
  • Received appreciation from clients and two promotions while working at U.K.
  • Clients offered role of ‘Delivery Architect’ for outstanding performance in early phase of Europe based project.
  • Consistent performer, rated ‘Best performer’ in some projects.
  • Snap award for Team Excellence.
  • Merit Certificate in Mathematics Olympiad.

... Certifications

  • Certified Data Scientist_Analytix Labs.
  • Certified Business Analyst_Analytix Labs.
  • Project Management Certification from Aricent

Work Experience | 109 months

... Career Highlights

Technical Tead Lead - Altran Technologies

Team Leadership

  • Spearheaded a team of 6 foreign nationals in Sweden & France, reporting maximum defects (40+) as compared to teams operating in other countries.
  • For a Europe based project, led a delivery team of 6 members, resolved critical tickets in early phases & guided team in resolving their tickets. Offered ‘Delivery Architect’ role by client based on excellent performance.

Customer and People Management

  • Regular meetings with 10+ customers including Vodafone, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Alcatel, Huawei, Motorola in U.K. for over 3 years. 
  • Headed multiple teams across projects in India and abroad.

Quality Assurance

  • Reported 250+ defects within 5 months for EDGE-Computing project, in which 80+ defects in a year were reported before, hence significantly increasing product quality.
  • Tested 5 devices weekly from different manufacturers within onsite project, reporting 15 defects daily, delivering quality products, meeting SLA. 
  • Got subsequent onsite opportunities due to dedication & quality centric approach.

Business Development

  • While in Innovation team, delivered prototype for a network solution within 3 months.
  • In United Kingdom, worked independently for 3 years taking full ownership, helping management in retaining contract for another tenure.