Prashant Kumar Chauhan

Prashant Kumar Chauhan

37 years

Certified PMP with 11+ years experience in Project Consulting and Petrochemical Turnarounds. Adept in conflict resolution and fostering relationships by being exposed to working in a global, complex and multi-cultured environment.

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • ...

... Functional Expertise

  • Operations
  • Strategy

... Education

  • B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), Institute of Engineering & Technology, CSJMU, Kanpur

... Achievements

  • Felicitated for excellent performance rating at Reliance Industries Limited during 2012-13.
  • Awarded an overall excellent performance rating at SABIC, during 2014-15.

... Certifications

  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) by PMI. 

Work Experience | 137 months

  • 137 Total Months
  • 16 Projects & Development India Limited
  • 41 Sabic (Contract Through Al Barrak)
  • 80 Reliance Industries Limited
  • 41 International

... Career Highlights

Project Management/Leadership

  • Handled five multiple oil/energy PSU clients on the same project and managed conflicts.
  • Led a team of 03 in invoice management, achieved ~40K cost savings and decreased bill processing time by ~ 15%.
  • Increased employee productivity and job quality by effectively directing a team of 03 engineers, 05 technicians and 10 contractor workforces.
  • Reduced critical project document review time by ~ 18% through KPI implementation.
  • Part of the contract negotiating team that saved ~ $133k by negotiating based on historical data and current market prices.

Cost Optimization, Operations & Maintenance

  • Achieved ~ 10% reduction in plant maintenance costs by successfully addressing the recurring equipment breakdowns.
  • Achieved ~ 12% reduction in inventory cost by the return of excess inventories and optimization by spares interchangeability.
  • Part of the team in developing detailed project scope and material and resource planning, resulting in turnkey contract costs savings by ~ 20%.

Process Improvement

  • Collaborated with the turnaround lead and restructured site turnaround procedures leading to improved, organized and effective systems.
  • Optimized maintenance and increased production by aligning Furnace overhauling and IBR (regulatory outages) by increasing furnace availability.


  • Managed additional functions of the commercial team by review and fast-tracking of contract development, cost and price bid analysis, reduced processing time by ~ 15%.
  • Successfully met tender backlog management target within ~ 2 months, by developing and monitoring catch up plan based on priority.