John K John

John K John

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28 years

A professional with 6+ years of work experience in product design and development, strategic planning and operations in the Aerospace industry.

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  • Executive member in the Finance Committee at XLRI Jamshhepur.
  • Patent filed for ‘Proof Load Device for Inserts’.
  • Member of the Team that was shortlisted by NASA for the CLPS program budgeted at ~ $97million.
  • Speaker (project awareness & promotion) at various events like IEEE Foundation held at TIFR, IIT Bombay and others.
  • Part of the Structural design team that won the $1 million milestone prize sponsored by the Google Lunar X Prize.

Work Experience | 81 months

... Career Highlights

Program Lead

  • Coordinated between various departments in the company for the successful development and completion of the Lunar lander in 8 months.
  • Led the team in the development of a Lander prototype; NASA shortlisted that for CLPS contract (Commercial lunar payload services).
  • Successfully developed the payload user guide for the spacecraft and helped increase the prospective client base.
  • Advisor to a 5-member team for the development of the lander prototype for SNC (Sierra Nevada Corporation)contracted for $1 million.

Product Development 

  • Part of the team that developed a lander under 60 kg; ensured cost reduction of $10000 by optimization of the configuration.
  • Developed a portable proof load testing machine (patent pending) to reduce cost and flexibility in testing activities.

Operations Management 

  • Managed the assembly and integration of the qualification model. Incorporated automation techniques for cost reduction.
  • Planned and coordinated the procurement of raw materials for the lunar model.

Senior Design Engineer

  • Spearheaded the design & development of the spacecraft prototype and introduced a modular approach to reduce cost of future projects.
  • Assisted the project manager in fixing project timelines to ensure optimum productivity.