Gautam Ahluwalia

Gautam Ahluwalia

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28 years

General Management Professional with over 6 years of experience in Technology Consulting, Operations & Project Management supporting diverse global customers in the telecom sector.

  • Telecommunications

... Functional Expertise

  • Operations
  • Consulting

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... Achievements

  • Received Ericsson “Achievers Award” for supporting critical business needs.
  • Bagged Ericsson “Power Award” for handling customer satisfaction through innovative solutions.
  • Received Certificate of Recognition for “excellence in acting to execute”.

... Certifications

  • Assessed as Network Engineer JS-5 through Ericsson.
  • Ericsson - Automation Fundamentals.
  • Ericsson Certified Associate - Radio Network Optimization & Radio Access network.

Work Experience | 76 months

... Career Highlights

Team Leader - Ericsson Global

Technology Consulting and Digital Transformation

  • Led 8 member team for multi-technology network design and planning for a major European operator. The team delivered over 1500 sites in H1 2020 for a critical 5G project, generating a revenue of USD 2.4 Million.
  • Led 7 member team to finetune and improve overall network KPIs of a European operator in 2017, generating a revenue of USD 3.2 Million and signing off a multi-year optimization deal.
  • Led team of 5 Engineers to deliver aggressive 4G rollout and tuning for a European operator in 2016, generating a revenue of USD 3.9 Million.
  • Managed a team of 3 to digitally transform end to end project delivery to reduce time to market, improve delivery quality and generate efficiency. Process redefining and automation led to 15% time saving per-site resulting in a saving of USD 1.3 Million.

Project Management

  • Market lead supporting a major US operator with end to end accountability covering build, scripting, integration and pre/post launch validation for the first global 5G rollout.

Technology Consulting and Operations

  • Optimization initiatives led to significant improvement in KPIs in line with contractual obligations, resulting in an 18% reduction in customer complaints for the operator.
  • Supported multiple projects primarily aimed at troubleshooting and improving network performance.