Erastus Joseph Clement

Erastus Joseph Clement

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27 years

Functional Consultant with 5 years of experience in the IT and Consulting Domain. A seasoned professional with a zeal to fuel growth and optimize performance. An expert in project management activities, client negotiations and delivering projects end-to-end.

  • Consultancy
  • IT / ITeS

... Functional Expertise

  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Consulting

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  • Placement Committee

... Achievements

  • Received the ACE Award in the category “Outstanding Contribution to Client’s Business Outcomes” for 2 consecutive years - 2018 & 2019.
  • Awarded “Outstanding Performer in the Accenture Foundation Program”. 
  • State Level Chess Player; represented Maharashtra and ranked among top 10 for 3 consecutive years.

Work Experience | 62 months

... Career Highlights

Senior Software Engineer - Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Project Management  

  • Managed 25+ end to end rollouts, 15 Greenfield Projects and was responsible for implementing several customized and country-specific solutions for clients in 20+ countries ensuring uniformity across the client organization.
  • Secured over 40 projects in less than 3 years through expertise in Planning Timelines, Effort Estimation, SoW Preparation and Documentation.

Technology Consulting 

  • Developed strategic BI roadmap and implementation plans to assist in the delivery of the integration project between third-party systems, ensuring a 100% reduction in manual work.
  • Improved efficiency by 87% and saved over 1600 man-hours by automating 400+ Test Scenarios leveraging the CBTA Tool, reducing costs per rollout thereon by 4000 Euros.

People Management

  • Collaborated with leadership on recruitment strategies, development plans, performance management, and employee engagement.
  • Led new talent acquisition for the project and mentored over 20 resources to ensure flawless delivery for the client. 

Supply Chain Manager - Samsan Electricals Pvt. Ltd.
Project Management

Managed a plant of 40 people to ensure a streamlined process, increasing efficiency by 40%.
Spearheaded a team of 10 to strengthen operational efficiency and drilled down to the root cause for inconsistencies in Material Requirement Planning, improving accuracy by 20%.