Abhinav Biyani

Abhinav Biyani

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27 years

Operations management professional with 5 years of experience in Quality Control in Product Inspection ,Managing TPI and clients,Document Preparation,Process Improvement, conducting Quality Patrol,reducing rework,managing cross functional teams in manufacturing industry.

  • Oil & Gas

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  • Operations

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  • Infrastructure Committee

... Achievements

  • Awarded as Top performer for 2 continuous years and promoted once in previous organisation.
  • Training and Placement coordinator of Mechanical Engineering Department, SVNIT.

... Certifications

  • Certified as an Internal Auditor for Energy Management System ISO 50001:2018 by LLYODS Register.
  • Gemba Kaizen (ATL NEXT by L&T).
  • 5S (ATL NEXT by L&T).

Work Experience | 58 months

... Career Highlights

Senior Engineer-L&T MHI Power Boilers Private Ltd. (Quality Control Department)
Stagewise Inspection as per Quality Plan    

  • Pre-Dispatch Inspection to check for deviations from requirements to prevent non conformities in the product at site.
  • Rectify defects during inspection to ensure customer satisfaction, saving rework time and cost to be incurred at site.
  • Improved processes and methods while working in teams helped achieve the reduction in rework from 6.5% to 2.5%.
  • As a part of team attended on an average 90% inspection calls within 6 hours involving all stage inspections.    

Preparation of Inspection Reports

  • Managed team preparing & submitting documents to get dispatch clearance certificate leading to shipment of product.

Improvement and Modification

  • Improved processes reducing manufacturing cycle time working in cross functional teams with production department.
  • Implemented 15 Kaizen ideas across projects leading to reduction in rework costs, inspection time reduced by 1 hour.
  • Identified and prepared jigs and fixtures for inspection as mistake proofing for site complaints and non-conformity.

Team Management and Coordination

  • Managing manpower and planning different activities to align with the timeline to achieve monthly and annual targets.
  • Handled Pre dispatch inspection for customers in coordination with other departments to meet the customer demands.