Krishnan Naganathan

Krishnan Naganathan

27 years

A biotechnology professional with 5 years experience in project management, process development, quality control, and business standardization of bioenergy programs. Highly motivated team-player with effective communication skills and technical acumen.

  • Oil & Gas
  • ...

... Functional Expertise

  • Strategy
  • Operations

... Education

  • B.E. (Biotechnology), SIES Graduate School of Technology, Mumbai University.

... Achievements

  • “On the spot award” for technical leadership in Reliance Industries Limited.
  • A* Performer for the financial year 2018-19 in Reliance Industries Limited.

Work Experience | 59 months

  • 59 Total Months
  • 5 Biocon Limited
  • 54 Reliance Industries Limited

... Career Highlights

Green technology initiatives 

  • Reduced CAPEX estimations by designing a photo-bioreactor prototype using a new Material of Construction.
  • Pioneered high photosynthetic efficiency operation of Photo-Bioreactors in the organization by proving the technical feasibility of a hypothesis based on parameter optimization.
  • Engineering Deliverables: Provided technical reports on algal research experimental findings, including 3 trade secrets and 1 internal disclosure.
  • Pitched innovative ideas to the upper management by updating on current state-of-art and presenting possible benefits of the new technologies identified by the team.  

Project or program management 

  • Improved accuracy of the Techno-Economic Analysis projections by developing a kinetic model for a bioethanol project.
  • Anyalysed options and identified the most suited operational philosophy for the bioethanol project.
  • Made a pilot-scale facility operational by testing the facility in coordination with multiple cross-functional teams to prove large scale operational feasibility of Photo-Bioreactors.
  • Process conceptualization and optimization   
  • Proved feasibility of continuous operations by designing a steady throughput process in small-scale, that operated reactors at optimal productivity for the set parameter configuration.
  • Achieved significant improvement in productivity at lab scale by identifying the effect of  sensitivity of an influencing parameter on the algal cultivation process. 

Quality control and operations

  • Delivered Batch Manufacturing Reports that recorded the quality standards followed during the production process and were used for US-FDA, EMA, and other drug administration agencies’ audits.
  • Initiated the production process and checked the in-process quality of the fermenters used to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients by performing highly skilled work in a controlled environment.