Deeksha Shetty

Deeksha Shetty

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28 years

Business Development professional with 6+ Years of multifaceted experience in driving Digital transformation projects, devising portfolio strategy and marketing for industrial services while leveraging cross- functional and cross-cultural collaboration.

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  • Career Development Cell

... Achievements

Only member from Siemens Digital Enterprise Services, India to be selected as part of the  global talent circle in 2020.
Cultural Ambassador for Siemens Digital Industries.
Won 2 merit rewards for customer facing and internal projects.
Spearheaded the project that won the ‘Global Service Innovation Award’ in 2017.
Received two fast-track promotions.

Work Experience | 82 months

... Career Highlights

Business Development Manager, Industry Services- Siemens Digital Industries
Digital Transformation - Project Management 

  • Conceptualized and released the 24/7 active customer service request touchpoint - ‘Online Service request’ form, reducing ticket creation and first response time by 2 hours. 
  • Spearheaded the roll out a global digital tool - ‘Service Mall’, to automate Spare part orders for major industrial players, reducing order time by 7 days.
  • Led implemenation of ‘SIFIX’, a web-based workflow managing App for real time tracking of motor repairs, integrating and automating over 140 workflow tasks for 15 internal and 50 external stakeholders.

Marketing Strategy

  • Planned and deployed marketing strategies for Digital Industry Services portfolios and customer touchpoints enhancing proactive sales from 19% to 31% in 3 years.
  • Supervised a market study and designed elaborate questionnaire to forecast the manufacturing market segment for digitalization portfolios in India.
  • Executed design plans, event schedules and marketing campaigns for major Industrial exhibitions.

Service Strategy and Culture

  • Responsible for Service Contracts portfolio managementand governance. 
  • Roll out of pricing strategies and business gudielines for product service business.
  • Worked on global projects like ‘Future of Industry Services 2025’ and ‘Use cases for using AI in service’, as part of the global talent circle.
  • Delivered Service culture workshops for 250 employees and 130 external partners.