Vineet Maheshwari

Vineet Maheshwari

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28 years

A BITS Pilani engineering graduate with almost 7 experience in cement process industry, involving plant operation and maintenance, projects commissioning, and improving plant energy performance.

  • Manufacturing

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  • Operations

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  • Class Representative

... Achievements

  • Rank in Top 1% State, National Standard Examination in Chemistry, IACT.
  • Best Project Winner, Remote Sensing of Earthquake in BITS Tech Fest.

... Certifications

  • Process Improvement and Stability, CII - Godrej GBC, 2018.
  • Certifications in Power BI/Tableau/R, Coursera/Datacamp, 2021.
  • Advanced Training Programme on Energy Conservation and Management, CII - Godrej GBC, 2018.
  • Various Maintenance Expertise - VRM, Roll Press, Ball Mill and Hydraulic Equipment, 2016.

Work Experience | 82 months

... Career Highlights

Senior Manager - Saurashtra Cement Ltd.
Head of Department (Mechanical Maintenance)

  • Drove complete overhauling of maintenance planning and scheduling and conducted various internal maintenace related internal audits. (Core Team Member : SAP PM Module Implementation). 
  • Led to hightest ever availability (98%) and zero slow run of raw mill section in 2018-19.
  • Spearheaded upskilling of line supervisors/technicians and process automation during Covid-19 Disruption.
  • Achieved unprecedented highest monthly cement production in January 2021. Made history.

Energy & Project Management

  • Core Plant EnCON Team Member : Eliminated various bottlenecks and commissioned various CapEx proposals (~6.5 crores) with no budget overruns.
  •  Achieved lowest specific electrical power consumption of raw mill section (comparable to best in India) in 2018-19.
  • Cleared Energy Manager Certification Exam in 2020, conducted by BEE. Assisted company to achieve targets in the mandatory PAT (Perform-Act-Trade) Cycle. 

Cost Leadership

  • Expert in executing tight cost control through spares and personnel planning and superior maintenance practices. 
  •  Achieved almost 40% reduction in spares cost in 2019-20 (as against previous FYs average) and 20% Reduction in Direct Labour Cost & Service Contracts in my department led to Highest Gross Profit.